Why Results Are Important: Roger Clough Shares His Experience

Roger Clough is believer in evidence. The best way for him to gauge the success of his role as a district superintendent is to look to the achievement of those students affected by his decisions. Roger Clough works to improve the education and opportunities for his students on a daily basis, and though an academic program might be executed flawlessly, if there is not a measurable result produced by students in response to it, then Roger Clough considers it a failure.


Roger Clough believes that every decision that he makes, both in and outside of his career as an educator should produce a result, whether that be a small or large one. It is based on results that people make changes. Roger Clough believes that stasis, even at a high level, is a bad thing. When an implemented program stops producing results, good or bad, then Roger Clough believes in making changes.


Roger Clough encourages people to adopt this rhetoric in their everyday lives. Though many are satisfied with the status quo, Roger Clough personally works to produce visible results with his actions in the school district and in his community.


Making decisions without looking at the results of one’s actions is pointless. Isn’t the reason for trying something new to see what happens? Studying the results of any action is vital to understanding the effect and finding the best way to achieve the goal you have set. Roger Clough strives to do this daily. Roger Clough uses the results of past decisions and implementations to come up with the best ideas for new academic programs and opportunities for the students of his district.


Roger Clough stresses the importance of getting results, and believes that successful educators, business leaders, and politicians would echo his thoughts on the subject of results.


Increasing Globalization: Why Roger Clough is Dedicated to Preparing Our Children For It

Our world is becoming increasingly globalized on a daily basis. As countries and societies begin to work together more and more in issues like trade and politics, knowing about the world outside of the US becomes increasingly important to American students. Roger Clough has helped expand the International Baccalaureate program in his district.


The International Baccalaureate Organization recognizes the increasing globalization of our world and strives to prepare children to be contributing citizens of the world, capable of understanding and communicating with those of different culture and backgrounds. Through a curriculum that introduces students to different worldviews and cultural ideas, Roger Clough recognizes that the International Baccalaureate curriculum is extremely beneficial to preparing students to be adults capable of contributing to the world’s betterment and not only that of their own countries and communities.


While introducing children and young adults to literature from international authors and time periods pivotal in other countries’ histories may seem unimportant or easily done, it often isn’t done at the elementary or post-secondary levels. Allowing children to understand not only their own history and culture, but that of others as well, prepares our future politicians and business leaders to have an understanding of the world and its connections from early on.


With technology allowing more and more opportunities for governments, businesses, and individuals to connect on an international level; ensuring that America’s students are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to engage successfully in the world community is something that Roger Clough says is key to the success of his students.


Roger Clough would encourage other educators to think about adopting International Baccalaureate curriculum in their schools, or to look to modify their existing curriculums in order to best prepare their students for the increasingly connected world that they are growing up in. Roger Clough can see the good that it has done for his students.


Learning on the Job: Roger Clough Discusses the Importance of Having the Ability to Do It

Roger Clough has spent a number of years working in the education system, and has learned that it involves a great deal of change and learning in addition to formal education. Educators have to be prepared for change and to go with it when it arises. Whether it’s something like scientists rescinding Pluto’s status as a planet, or increased security measures and procedures in the face of recent events, educators are expected to always be able to adapt.


In today’s society, the ability to learn and change is key to success in any field. With the way that technology continues evolving, it’s important for educators to be able to learn and use new tools in order to best help their students learn the material and new technologies. For Roger Clough, learning as superintendent including learning to balance the school district’s budget when he took the reins. Though it was by no means his area of expertise, Roger Clough rose to the challenge and has found exciting new means of stretching the district’s budget to provide more for its students.


Roger Clough encourages people in every field and every walk of life to learn as much as they can. Often learning something that you aren’t familiar with allows for new and different ways of thinking when it comes to that subject when you learn it. Roger Clough says that being able to bring something new to the table is just as useful as learning the way that something has already been done.


As superintendent, Roger Clough has been responsible for learning about a number of new things, and implementing changes that he’s had to learn about as he goes along. When Roger Clough was completing his Masters to become a school administrator, issues like school security were not as prevalent as they have been in recent years. Roger Clough has had to learn what he can do to keep his students safe as it has become an issue.


The ability to learn and change is important to all those looking to succeed in today’s ever-changing world.


The Importance of Preparing Children: Why Roger Clough is Passionate About His Role in the School System

Roger Clough has been a part of the school system in his community for the past eighteen years. Roger Clough is proud of what this has allowed him to do. Roger Clough says that the role he has in preparing the younger generation to be contributing adult members of our society is extremely important to him. Every day Roger Clough has a hand in preparing the future doctors, lawyers, scientists, and politicians that have such an impact on our society.

Roger Clough says that preparing children to reach their full potential is extremely important to him. People like Bill Gates, President Obama, and Oprah Winfrey went to elementary school. They had kindergarten teachers, middle school math teachers, and superintendents who helped shape the people that they turned out to be, whether that was directly or indirectly. Roger Clough says for him it is important to be sure that he is doing the best to prepare those students in his district to do the best that they can with their talents once they reach adulthood.

Roger Clough hopes the work he does has the potential to inspire as well as prepare the students in his district. If a student is inspired to spend time abroad because of their participation in our International Baccalaureate program, or discovers that they have a talent for languages while they’re working toward a college credit in a language, Roger Clough says that he feels that he has accomplished something great.

Being an educator is one of the greatest things a person can do in this world. Roger Clough enjoys the opportunity not only to help students, but to help teachers and staff improve in order for them to better achieve their own goals for helping and inspiring young people. Roger Clough hopes to continue his work for years to come. By providing students with the greatest number of opportunities to explore and to improve themselves, educators are doing a great thing for our world.

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